Dr. Mujeeb Hashmi, Germany, short CV

Mujeeb Hashmi (photo)Born in Bahraich, India, I grew up in a multiethnical and multicultural family of farmers and secular lawyers in a rural environment at the foothills of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges. I moved to Lucknow for college, and obtained a BSc from Lucknow University. Under Piara Singh Gill, at Aligarh University, I participated in studies on cosmic rays in the Himalayas for my MSc in physics. On arrival in Germany, Walter Gerlach of the University of Munich, who was about to retire and withdrew from teaching, advised me to contact Heinz Maier-Leibnitz at the Technische Hochschule Munich (TUM), where I applied as a graduate student. I was accepted, but had to get along by delivering morning-newspapers in the first year. After obtaining a PhD in nuclear physics, I stayed in Maier-Leibnitz’s group as a postdoc until Werner Heisenberg offered me a position at the MPI for Physics and Astrophysics. As a German citizen and tenured research scientist, I held positions with the MPIs for Physics, Plasma Physics and Extraterrestrial Physics as well as the European Community (EAEC/Euratom, Ispra, Italy), temporarily also worked for TRW Inc. (USA) as a scientific consultant in 1977. During the 39 years I spent as a research scientist with the Max Planck Society, terms abroad include BARC (Mumbai, India, 1978) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, 1988).

Fields of Research

Low energy Nuclear Physics (Radiation Shielding, Mössbauer Effect); Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion (Q-Machines, Stellerator, Tokamak, Laser Produced Plasma, Plasma Surface Interaction, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry)

Selected Publications

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Hashmi M, Van der Houven van Oordt AJ 1975 Contact ionization ion source. Patent US3864575 A